Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check it out - email subscription!!

So I am pretty new to the whole blogging thing - still trying to figure things out. I just recently added a "Subscribe via Email" link on the side - look to the right - there it is! This should make it easier for some folks to subscribe to the blog and follow it. So, what are you waiting for - click on that link!!! That way you won't miss a moment of the non-stop excitement in Beeland!!

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  1. Holy Cow! I stumbled upon your blog while doing research on carpenter bee larvae but this is how you get wet in the surf! I live on Maui and we are in the process of working with the local High School who just won a bee-keeping grant. My website is and it's all about putting the children of the world and its creatures in touch with one another. I'm going to add your blog to the website as we have a beekeeping project in Kenya as well as here on Maui. Thank you for taking the time to provide such awesome photos and your thorough blog! >^,,^< bonniejnelson